Do you cater to specific diet plans?

We offer meals that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions! Here's how you can navigate those options on the menu:

  • Protein Packed: 30g or more of protein per serving.
  • Calorie Conscious: 600 calories or less per serving.
  • Carb Conscious: 25g or less of net carbohydrates per serving.
  • Fiber Rich: 20% of recommended daily value (more than 5.6g of fiber per serving). Fiber Rich meals are not always low fat, see Nutritional information of specific meals for fat content.
  • Keto Friendly: 15g or less of net carbs per serving. Net carbs are calculated as carbohydrates minus fiber.
  • Vegetarian: 2+ options each week.
  • Dietitian Approved: These meals are developed in collaboration with experienced dietitians, ensuring that each option aligns with dietary guidelines and promotes overall wellness.

For more information about Dietitian Approved options, click here.

If you don't see the diet plan you're looking for, that doesn't mean our meals won't qualify. You can always view the nutritional information to see if our meals fit what you're looking for.

Check out our menu to see if our selections fit your needs. 

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